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What Cyclists Can Do to Prevent Accidents

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In the event of a collision between a car and a bicycle, the cyclist often suffers serious personal injuries. Bike riders must work extra hard in order to remain visible and help prevent accidents. Here is a list of three helpful things that cyclists can do to stay safe:

Remain as Visible As Possible

When riding on the road, reflection is your best friend. Wear reflective strips on your clothing, shoes, and bike to increase visibility at night. Place both a front and back light on your bike when riding in low light conditions to help joggers, drivers, and other cyclists see your bike from far away. Your main goal should be to increase the distance from which a car driver can see you.

Obey All Road Signs

Another important aspect of bicycle safety is obeying road signs. By stopping and yielding appropriately, you can minimize your risk of colliding with a car at an intersection or other busy spot. Not breaking the law also allows you to file a personal injury lawsuit if you do end up getting into an accident. Exercising extra diligence when it comes to road safety can help you stay safe and avoid accidents when riding your bike.

Stay Alert

During a ride, you may be tempted to zone out and enjoy the scenery. However, if you’re biking down roads or streets that are frequented by cars, you should always stay alert of your surroundings. Even the most experienced cyclists can become complacent about safety, particularly when travelling in a group, so be sure to always make an effort to be aware of your surroundings.

Bike accidents often result in serious injuries that may cause chronic problems. If you suffered injuries while cycling in Illinois, get in touch with Shea Law Group by calling our skilled attorneys at (773) 365-0040. The first case evaluation is free, so schedule an appointment today.

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