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Why Driving with Car Insurance is So Important

Car Insurance Provides Financial Protection

Every time you make one of those monthly car insurance payments, you are probably thinking to yourself you could find a better place to spend this money. After all, you never filed a claim, and you are really beginning to feel like your paying an awful lot and not getting anything in return. However, despite this frustration, it is important to realize that car insurance does have a purpose – and it has to do with ultimately protecting your money, not taking it.

If you carry personal liability and property damage insurance only, you may never file a claim during your entire driving career. Even if you do, and your car gets damaged, this bare-bones insurance will not pay for repairs on your car. Nevertheless, what it does cover can protect your financial future. This type of insurance, often abbreviated PLPD, offers protection for injuries, pain, and suffering to others as well as property damage. Some policies automatically include medical cost coverage for you as well.

PLPD car insurance protects you from losing your hard-earned money in a lawsuit. If you are at fault, the injured party or parties will want compensation. If you do not carry car insurance, you will potentially be forced to pay for all the damages out of your own pocket if you are found to be financially responsible.

Years without a claim will have you wondering if you need car insurance. However, because most people cannot afford to self-insure, the state of Illinois requires everyone to carry PLPD insurance and driving without it is illegal. By continuing to drive without filing a claim, your rates will stay low and you will avoid the hassle of the claims process.

Comprehensive and Collision Insurance

A vehicle is often a major expense, and if you want to protect it in case of an accident, you may want to purchase collision insurance. Comprehensive insurance will cover other mishaps (anything other than an accident) including theft, vandalism, fire, and storm damage. Both types of insurance are optional but recommended for anyone driving an expensive vehicle.

Hire a Chicago Car Accident Lawyer at Shea Law Group

If you drive a car, it is always in your best interest to carry the most insurance coverage you can afford. The higher the limits of your liability coverage, the less you have to worry about a garnishment being placed on your future earnings in the case of a lawsuit.

Additionally, if you or someone you love has been involved in an accident, the best way to ensure you receive full compensation from the insurance company is to hire an experienced Chicago car accident lawyer before agreeing to a settlement.

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