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The personal injury attorneys at Shea Law Group know the effects a serious injury has on all facets of a person’s life, such as their ability to work, to pay medical costs and take care of their family’s needs. A personal injury can be a life-altering and devastating event. Shea Law Group has the kind of expertise necessary to deal with many types of cases, from car or trucking accidents to motorcycle accidents, construction injuries, dog bites, premise liability, cerebral palsy, nursing home abuse, medical malpractice and other types of injuries. We are dedicated to improving our clients’ quality of life, while, at the same time, protecting their rights and securing their benefits. Shea Law Group was founded over 15 years ago; the auto accident injury attorneys have been serving the Greater Chicago Metropolitan Area, with their 60 years of combined experience in a variety of personal injury cases. Clients know they can depend upon our highly-skilled attorneys to guide them through the court system in order to achieve the most advantageous settlement results. The Chicago law firm of Shea Law Group is recognized for its ability to take immediate, strategic, and aggressive action on its Berwyn’s clients’ cases. Berwynclients choose Shea Law Group over its competitors because we give clients the professional compassion and consideration they deserve.


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The auto accident injury attorneys at Shea Law Group know the impact that a serious injury can have on its Berwyn, Illinois clients’ lives, such as their ability to earn a living, cover medical expenses and care for their families. We understand the financial, physical and emotional toll that injuries take on Berwyn victims and their loved ones. This is the reason we aggressively begin dealing with our Berwyn clients’ cases immediately after we are retained. We are enthusiastic at helping Berwyn clients achieve the most favorable settlement conceivable. Shea Law Group is devoted to fighting for its clients’ rights. Our car accident injury lawyers pursue every opportunity to make sure Berwyn clients are appropriately compensated for their pain, suffering, or loss as expeditiously as possible.


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Furthermore, the auto accident injury attorneys at Shea Law Group know there can be many extended effects of injuries from car accidents that continue to negatively affect the lives of entire families in the days to come. Injuries include: chronic back problems, traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord injuries or even death. The Shea Law Group doesn’t get paid until you do. Our representation costs nothing until you are compensated for your injuries. The car accident injury attorney at Shea Law Group will make sure you are compensated for the physical, emotional, and economic damage you sustained. To find out how Shea Law Group can help you, call us today for your FREE consultation at: 1-877-365-0040.