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Berwyn Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer

Innumerable families in the Chicagoland area place their beloved family members in the care of nursing homes each year. Unfortunately, countless nursing home residents are subjected to nursing home abuse every year. The nursing home abuse attorneys at Shea Law Group feel that aged residents ought to be valued and treated respectfully. Often, because of diminished physical and/or mental health, senior residents living in nursing homes are unable to speak on their own behalf. The nursing home neglect lawyers at Shea Law Group are known as strong advocates for the elderly and they have handled cases pertaining to various cases which involve abusive behavior including:

Berwyn families, with a relative of advanced years who has been a victim of nursing home abuse, know to contact our nursing home attorneys will do everything within their power to make sure the guilty parties answer for their actions.

Attorneys in Berwyn

Berwyn, Illinois is located in Cook County. There are nearly 57,000 residents who live in Berwyn. There are right around 400 nursing homes in the Berwyn area which provide various levels of skilled nursing care. Berwyn families, who are concerned that an elderly relative may have sustained nursing home abuse, should immediately contact the nursing home abuse attorneys at Shea Law Group. Our lawyers have the knowledge and expertise to deal with all aspects of nursing home abuse and they will assist Berwyn clients in navigating the court system and help them obtain the best outcome possible. Furthermore, the nursing home neglect lawyers at Shea Law Group are well-known for securing favorable compensation for Berwyn victims of nursing home abuse. They will assure that Berwyn clients are aptly compensated for any pain, suffering, or loss they have endured. Our attorneys at Shea Law Group have more than six decades of shared experience and we are recognized for delivering the compassion and respect our Berwyn clients deserve.

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The nursing home lawyers at Shea Law Group understand how serious nursing home abuse can upset the lives of the most fragile members of our society. We also know the harmful effects it can have on the families of the victims. Unfortunately, nursing home abuse can be extremely damaging to both victims and their families financially, emotionally and physically. Clients are pleased to discover that our nursing home lawyers will provide them with the legal advice they require. They also are aware that the nursing home abuse lawyers aren’t paid until they are. Therefore, until a client is compensated for pain, suffering or loss, our representationcosts them nothing. To find out about receiving a FREE consultation today from one of our nursing home abuse attorneys, call Shea Law Group at: 1-877-365-0040.