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Cicero Car Accident Lawyer

Shea Law Group has worked hard since 1997 to become the most trusted car accident attorneys near Chicago, helping those in the community who have been injured in an automobile accident.

If you or someone you love has been injured in a car crash and are looking at receiving compensation, contact our Cicero personal injury lawyers today. We’ve handled thousands of personal injury cases and won our clients millions of dollars.

Legal Representation for Auto Accidents

We understand injuries obtained from automobile accidents can have a devastating effect on your life. From medical bills and physical rehabilitation to emotional suffering and damaging stress, your family’s life can be turned upside down.

That is why our professional legal team of Cicero injury lawyers are ready to take on your personal injury claim and help you navigate the process and make it as smooth as possible, ending in a favorable resolution for you and your family.

The auto accident attorneys at our law firm will conduct a full accident investigation, maintain all relevant evidence, help procure all valuable medical documentation, and secure expert witnesses to provide testimony at trial if it does go that far.

Call our law office today at 1-877-909-1215 for your free case evaluation. We’ll discuss everything you need to know and what to expect in the months ahead.

Trust the Experienced Chicago Car Accident Lawyers at Shea Law Group

When the worst happens, turn to someone you can trust. The attorneys at Shea Law Group are experts in this field and will help you win your car accident case after an accident occurs.

The best part about working with us is that we don’t get paid until you do. Throughout the entire case, your cost for legal representation is nothing. We want to work as hard as possible to make sure you get the compensation you deserve for your pain and suffering.

No matter the extent of your injury and the depth of your recovery, we can handle your case. Let us help you. Contact us today so we can start building your case.