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The personal injury lawyers at Shea Law Group have been defending the rights of dog bite victims in the Greater Chicago Metropolitan Area since 1997. Altogether, our dog bite lawyers have over 60 years of experience arranging for positive outcomes in dog bite injury cases. The highly-skilled attorneys at Shea Law Group understand that if someone has been bitten by a dog, it can be an exceptionally dreadful experience, especially if the dog bite is to the victim’s face. Consequently, the Shea Law Group can steer you through the court system in order to achieve the best results imaginable. At the Law Offices of Shea Law Group, we are well aware of the burdens a dog bite injury can cause you and your family – from severe physical discomfort to acute emotional distress, not to mention the financial demands it can cause. The dog bite lawyers at Shea Law Group ponder all these aspects, and they commence doing whatever they can to help you through this process effortlessly and quickly. The Shea Law Group works cooperatively with investigators to closely scrutinize all facets of your case. This is why the dog bite attorneys at Shea Law Group are able to move your personal injury case to a beneficial conclusion for you. We are entirely dedicated to improving the quality of life for our Cicero clients who have sustained dog bites; and each of our personal injury lawyers in our firm deals compassionately and empathetically with our Cicero clients. Not surprising, this is a contributing factor to the reason Cicero residents continue to select Shea Law Group over the competition.

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The dog bite lawyers at Shea Law Group recognize how a serious dog bite injury can affect the life of a Cicero, Illinois victim. Oftentimes after a dog bite, because of the severity of the injury, a Cicero client can no longer hold down a job in order to make enough money to pay for the medical expenses and support a family. The dog bite attorneys at Shea Law Group fully comprehend all the financial, physical and emotional stress that is produced by dog bite injuries. Therefore, Cicero clients know that they can count on the personal injury lawyers at Shea Law Group to aggressively pursue every possibility to ensure they receive appropriate compensation for their pain, suffering or loss brought on by the dog bite injury. For Shea Law Group to increase the benefits for our clients, the Cicero personal injury lawyers at Shea Law Group will embark on a thorough investigation of the dog bite incident, collect all related evidence, gather all indispensable medical information and secure expert witnesses to provide testimony at trial.

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Further, after a dog bite injury, there can be many lingering effects that continue in affecting the lives of entire families. Some effects are severe physical scarring and disfigurement, nerve damage, infection and prolonged emotional trauma, particularly in children. Knowing that the professional dog bite lawyers at Shea Law Group will assist them through this rough time is an enormous relief to many Cicero families. They appreciate the fact that the dog bite injury attorneys at Shea Law Group will do whatever necessary to ensure they receive adequate compensation for their injuries. That means Shea Law Group will deal both professionally and effectively with opposing counsel for a timely resolution. For additional information on how the Shea Law Group can assist you in your dog bite injury claim, call us today for your FREE consultation at: 1-877-365-0040.

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