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Elgin Product Liability Lawyers

What Is Product Liability Law?

Product liability defects are flaws or malfunctions of products which put consumers in harm’s way. Defective or unsafe products can come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes and categories. Anything from your car to your toaster could malfunction and cause you physical harm. Unsafe products are the liability of the manufacturer, the wholesaler, and the retailer from whom you purchased them. Product liability law refers to consumers’ rights to purchase safe products that do what they are designed to do. If a product endangers a consumer in some way, there may be grounds for a case.

Types of Product Liability

There is a wide range of products that may have defects which warrant a legal case. Defective drugs, for example, are those pharmaceutical drugs that either damage a patient’s health in some way or have adverse side effects that have not been disclosed in marketing materials or packaging. Medical devices and products may also be defective including surgical devices like implants, prosthetics, and pacemakers. Automobiles also have a high rate of defect. Any part of a car or truck that does not function properly is often the responsibility of the manufacturer. Unsafe tools, machines, toys, or any products without proper safety labeling may all also qualify as defect products.

Lawyers in Elgin Ready to Take Your Case

If you or a loved one have come into contact with an unsafe or defect product, don’t worry—there are measures you can take to get the justice and compensation you deserve. Of course, there is no dollar amount that can undo the physical harm caused by unsafe commercial products, but our law firm will fight day and night to get you as much as is possible. Our staff has been advocating for consumers’ rights and the victims of defective products in Elgin for many years. We find effective ways of getting results that provide our clients with a sense of justice.

Shea Law Group Product Liability Lawyers Elgin

If you need an Elgin injury lawyer for a product liability disputer, call Shea Law Group today. We offer free initial consults to our clients to give you an idea of whether you have a case and what the process will look like for you. There is no risk, as our services are paid for with contingency fees, meaning we won’t get paid until you do. Call today or fill out the contact form to see how Shea Law Group in Elgin, IL can help you with your product liability case!