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Lawsuits Against Home Healthcare Agencies

Home Healthcare Responsibility

When a loved one gets sick or injured, the recovery time can be much longer than it would be practical or cost effective to spend in a hospital. Nevertheless, a patient may require round the clock care to recover properly. Home healthcare assistance is usually a good choice for these patients, elderly individuals who may need help completing everyday tasks, and anyone undergoing treatments which must be administered by a medical professional.

Patients in need of certain types medical care may benefit from remaining in the comfort of their homes rather than moving to a nursing home, hospital bed, or assisted living community.

When dealing with a home healthcare agency, you are putting your trust in their ability to understand each medical need, and assist accordingly. If a healthcare worker or the agency themselves neglects to provide suitable care, the results can be devastating for the patient.


When you or someone you care about requires constant attentive care, day in and day out, it can be extremely comforting to know it is available in the comfort of your own home. At-home healthcare agencies were specifically developed for this reason. However, not every healthcare agency takes the time and measures to properly care for their patients.

Injuries sustained due to negligence, abuse, or medical error can happen easily if a patient is bedridden or left alone with a healthcare worker who is careless, negligent, or simply inexperienced. Home healthcare agencies are required to supply their clients with reliable and experienced healthcare employees, but sometimes fall short in order to save on money or as a matter of convenience. If this is the case in a personal injury lawsuit where the patient sustained injuries because of inadequate medical supervision, the agency may be at fault.

Healthcare employees themselves must also do their best to care for patients. They are responsible for a number of duties, some of which may include administering medication(s), helping patients complete everyday tasks like going to the bathroom, providing basic supervision, supplying nutritious meals, and ensuring patients do not develop bed sores.

With all the responsibility they undertake, an in-home medical assistant can easily take advantage of a patient and cause intentional or unintentional harm. Many personal injury lawsuits against home healthcare agencies and their employees include examples of medical injuries sustained from lapses in activity, malnutrition, or medication errors, all of which can be due to abuse or neglect.

Receiving Compensation

When you or a loved one suffer at the hands of a trusted healthcare professional, you are entitled to compensation. Contact Shea Law Group to make sure the people responsible for your pain and suffering are held accountable. We never charge a fee until we win your case, and we offer consultations online or by phone. Call us now to get the justice you and your family deserve at 1-888-979-9320. Remember, personal injury lawsuits are time sensitive, and the sooner you contact us the better chance you’ll have in the courtroom.

We don't get paid until you do

The attorneys at SHEA LAW GROUP aggressively pursue every avenue to ensure you are properly compensated for your pain, suffering, or loss as soon as possible. Our representation costs nothing until you are compensated for your injuries.

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