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Is Your Car Road-Ready?

Published on October 18th, 2015

Driver safety is extremely important for not only the operator of the vehicle, but also for car passengers, other vehicles on the road, pedestrians, cyclists, and construction workers. Whether you drive everyday or less, following safety precautions can protect you and others on the road from preventable accidents.

Important documentation

Do not risk getting a violation for driving without a license or an expired license. Also be sure that your license plates are not expired so that you’re ready to take your car to the road.

Auto Insurance

It is required by law to dive with auto insurance. Your insurance company will send you an insurance card that you must always carry with you and show it upon request by any law enforcement officer.

Car Maintenance

If you needed to make a fast stop while driving, are your brakes in proper working order? Will the car behind you be able to see properly working brake lights and tail lights? How old are your tires? Is your bumper dragging on the ground? Part of being a good driver is to make sure that your car is maintained and can meet minimum road safety requirements. Accidents that are caused by a lack of car maintenance can be avoided.

Frequently check the tire pressure of your tires to be sure you have the appropriate amount of air. You may also want to talk to your mechanic about the status of your current tires. You may be due for replacement tires or a tire rotation and wheel alignment. Also check your car’s fluid levels and that your headlights, brake lights, taillights, and wipers are all functioning properly.

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