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The auto accident injury lawyers at Shea Law Group understand that if you have suffered a personal injury caused by the reckless behavior of another party, it can be one of the most detrimental and harmful experiences you will ever encounter. Shea Law Group is recognized for having one of the most outstanding personal injury firms serving the Greater Chicago Metropolitan Area. The car accident injury attorneys at Shea Law Group are extremely cognizant of all the serious effects an injury has on a client’s life, from restricting their ability to work to being able to properly provide for their family. The auto accident injury lawyers at Shea Law Group are dedicated to augmenting the lives of their clients, while, at the same time, actively pursuing all settlement prospects so the clients will receive just compensation for their pain, suffering or loss in an expeditious manner. Our group of personal injury attorneys at Shea Law Group possesses 60 years of combined experience representing clients in a multitude of cases from: car and trucking accidents to motorcycle accidents, construction injuries, dog bites, premise liability, cerebral palsy, nursing home abuse, medical malpractice and other types of injuries. In fact, Joliet clients have been depending upon our auto accident injury lawyers since 1997 to circumnavigate the court system in order to reach the most satisfactory settlement results.

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The car accident injury attorneys at Shea Law Group provide Joliet, Illinois clients with the care and consideration they deserve. That’s why Joliet families pick Shea Law Group over the competition. Many of our Joliet clients have recently contacted Shea Law Group for its outstanding legal services in connection with car accident injury cases. They know that Shea Law Group is frequently seen as one of the most competent firms in the region. The auto accident injury lawyers at Shea Law Group know the consequences a catastrophic injury can have on all phases of a person’s life, such as their ability to continue to work, being able to cover medical expenses and to support a family. Shea Law Group understands the financial, physical and emotional stress that injuries cause victims and their families.

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There can be immeasurable ongoing effects from injuries caused by an auto accident that may go on to negatively impact the lives of entire families in the days and weeks ahead. Some of these are: chronic back problems, traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord injuries or even death. The Joliet car accident lawyers at Shea Law Group are well known for providing Joliet clients with the kind of sound legal representation they deserve. Furthermore, the personal injury attorneys at Shea Law Group don’t get paid until the client does. Our representation costs nothing until the client is compensated for pain, suffering or loss. If you are interested in learning more about how we can assist you in a claim for injuries sustained in an auto accident, call Shea Law Group at: 1-877-365-0040 for your FREE consultation today!

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    "My Experience with Shea Law Group was excellent. Joseph Patrick Shea gave my case all the attention that was needed to be successful, the rapport and guidance was outstanding at all times, prompt, timely and open for calls and quick updates. Highly recommend their services, simply very professional from start to finish, also the whole legal team was very responsive, professional and empathic, thank you for your hard work, I couldn’t have asked for a better firm. Thank you again SHEA LAW GROUP." - Anna A.