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Misread X-rays, Slides, and Ultrasounds

Review and Interpretation of Diagnostic Tests

The failure to diagnose a serious illness or a malpractice may be due to negligence by one or more responsible medical professionals. When a patient complains of clinical symptoms and diagnostic tests are ordered, it is not enough for the tests to be administered and processed in a perfunctory manner.

These tests should be reviewed by the primary care doctor, the radiologist, and any specialist that may be involved in the diagnostic process. If all parties involved review the x-rays, slides, ultrasounds, or MRIs carefully, there is very little likelihood of diagnostic error.

Common Errors

Most people have very busy schedules and resist visiting the doctor unless they feel it is absolutely necessary. Once the patient agrees to testing—spending even more of their valuable time at the lab, they have a right to expect the tests will be thoroughly reviewed and the interpretation will be accurate.

There may be any number of reasons that test results are not interpreted properly; however, it is often due to miscommunication between facilities and/or professionals. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for an image specialist to inadvertently leave a particular test unread or to misread it. Furthermore, if the physician does not hear from the radiologist or image specialist, they may assume the results are unremarkable.

It is also possible that an irregularity is found on a test, but neither the doctor nor the radiologist communicates directly with one another about it. As incredible as this may seem, lack of communication between those who order the tests and those who conduct them is a common occurrence.

Serious Complications

Patients rely on medical professionals to keep them healthy and inform them promptly of test results that require follow-up or treatment. When physicians fail to do this, it can result in serious complications. This is especially true in cases of undiagnosed early stage cancers, where prompt treatment can mean the difference between life and death.

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