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Truck Brake Failure

Truck Safety Issues

With increasing numbers of trucks on the road each year, the potential for accidents is automatically elevated. One of the most common issues when it comes to truck safety is brake failure. Unfortunately, when truck brakes fail to operate properly, the results can be devastating.

Brake Failure

Because they are much heavier than passenger vehicles, trucks have a much longer stopping distance. For this reason, heavy trucks and tractor trailers are equipped with compressed air brake systems, which operate differently than the hydraulic brake systems that you will find on passenger vehicles and light-duty trucks.

In addition to the primary air-brake system, most commercial trucks are equipped with a secondary emergency braking system to prevent the serious accidents which occur when a truck cannot slow down or stop properly. Despite this secondary system and the fact that air brakes are generally considered to be very reliable, brake failure is often a significant contributing factor in tractor-trailer and large truck accidents.

Driver Responsibility

Unfortunately, most cases that involve brake failure occur because the driver does not use the brake system correctly or because the driver is operating the vehicle in a way that places too much stress on the braking system. Under normal conditions, erven if there are minor deficiencies in the brake system, the brakes will provide enough friction to slow and stop the vehicle. However, any minor problem with the brakes will cause them to work less effectively.

Truck brakes require a great deal of maintenance, and it is not uncommon for minor deficiencies to exist. Drivers must understand that both the air brakes and secondary systems may not always provide full braking capacity and that placing excess stress on them, by riding the brakes or stopping short, greatly increases the chance of being involved in an accident.

Maintenance Problems

Many accidents attributed to “truck brake failure” are actually due to insufficient maintenance. While improper driving is often the cause of braking accidents, drivers and trucking companies who fail to properly maintain their brakes are the most common cause of these types of accidents.

Brake Maintenance and Driver Actions Matter

Truck drivers, and the companies that operate these enormous vehicles, are the best line of defense against catastrophic trucking accidents. When these parties fail to adhere to state and federal maintenance regulations, or the driver is careless or negligent is his or her handling of an emergency situation, the results can be devastating.

When an accident occurs that involves a large truck or tractor trailer, it is important to identify if there was a failure in vehicle operation or maintenance. If a serious truck accident is caused solely by a manufacturing or design failure of the truck or its braking system, the manufacturer may be held responsible.

Confer with an Experienced Truck Accident Lawyer

When carelessness, recklessness, or simple disregard for important safety regulations causes the death or serious injury of another, the victims and their families are entitled to compensation.

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