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What is Negligence in Pedestrian, Bicycle, and Motorcycle Accidents? Shea Law Group Personal Injury Attorney

Published on October 13th, 2011

When judges and insurance companies determine compensation, they base their rewards on which party was most negligent. Failure to reasonably prevent an accident is the most general definition of negligence. In each case, however, the acts that may constitute negligence differ.   Let’s take a look at a few of the most common:

  • Pedestrian Negligence: Negligence may often be attributed to both parties involved in the collision. A driver who was texting, driving recklessly, or distracted may be found negligent for injuries caused by a collision. Pedestrians who ignore traffic law or dart in front of vehicles can be held accountable as well. In these cases, pedestrians might be found liable for vehicle damage caused by their negligence. Working with a professional legal team can help drivers and pedestrians alike in assessing negligence before seeking claims through an insurance company.
  • Bicycle Negligence: Bicyclists who drive on the road are responsible for following the same rules as motor vehicles. However, the reduced visibility of bicyclists put them at a certain risk of collision. Drivers who neglect to check blind spots and bike lanes may be held responsible for injuries caused by a collision. Other common examples of driver negligence include failure to respect yield signs and driving under the influence. When bicyclists ignore the rules of the road, they may also be held responsible for their negligence. Forgetting to use hand signals or equip safety lights will increase the liability attributed to the bicyclist.
  • Motorcycle Negligence: If a motorcyclist is shown to have been darting between lanes of traffic, they may be found partially liable after an accident. This is especially true on the freeway, where the unpredictable behavior of a motorcycle could be responsible for a multi-car collision. Many collisions between motorcycles and vehicles are fatal. In cases like these, negligence on the part of the driver could result in harsh criminal charges.

Employing effective defensive driving techniques can help you avoid collisions with bikes, vehicles, and pedestrians. To learn your rights and legal obligations after any kind of accident, rely on the help of an experienced attorney. Call the legal experts at the Shea Law Group at (773) 365-0040 to access the legal resources you need.



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