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Why Workers’ Comp Claims Spike in Summer

Summer Work-Related Accidents

Seasonal variations in injury rates are understandable, and according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), injury rates rise during the summer months. During this time, companies in many sectors, including construction and agriculture, significantly increase production. Road construction is on the rise during this time as well, raising risks for both drivers and workers.

Younger Workers

This is also a time where new hires are often young and inexperienced, adding to the potential for workplace injuries. Often, young workers enter the workplace with little or no safety training. In fact, according to the BLS, teens are twice as likely to be hurt on the job as adults. Young workers, including those ages 14 to 24, are more susceptible to accidents because they lack the training, knowledge, and experience to prevent them. Some common issues that cause younger workers to become injured are that they do not understand what can go wrong, they fail to use personal protective equipment, they do not always follow the rules, and they horse around on equipment. Additionally, they do not ask questions and they tend to think they are infallible. While inexperience contributes to the higher incidence of accidents among young workers, it is important for supervisors to recognize their cognitive and emotional differences.

Weather Related Injuries

Working in the extreme heat and sun is a leading cause of weather-related injuries. These include heat cramps, heat exhaustion, and heat stroke, which occur when the body overheats to a point where it cannot cool itself, even with profuse sweating. It is important for employers to recognize individual differences among workers, as those who are struggling may not wish to complain. Workers new to outdoor jobs are especially vulnerable. It is a good idea to allow these workers to gradually acclimate to the program and to provide adequate water and frequent breaks.

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