Workplace Violence

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Unspoken Dangers in The Workplace

When most people think about jobs being dangerous, they immediately think of fire department personnel and police officers. Others recognize that construction workers and those who work with machinery face a higher-than-average risk of injury. However, most people never think about the dangers faced by those who take up other, seemingly safe occupations.

Workplace violence is a work-related hazard that affects thousands of workers every year. While these acts of violence can range from physical attacks, to armed robbery and homicide, most incidents are categorized as simple assaults.

Risky Occupations 

Workers in certain occupations face a higher risk of violence in the workplace than others. These include nurses, taxi drivers, letter carriers, utility workers, and anyone who works at night or works alone. Unlike other acts of violence, most of these crimes are committed by strangers.

Homicides at Work 

Although homicides in the workplace are rare, homicide is the fourth leading cause of occupational death. Despite the highly-publicized homicides of coworkers and domestic incidents, most workplace homicides are shootings committed during armed robberies. Although there as been an overall drop in workplace homicides, the number of government employees killed while at work has risen during the past several years.

When You Become Injured at Work

No matter what the statistics say, there is always a chance that you will experience violence in the workplace – no matter what type of job you have. When a violent incident happens at work, it can be devastating. Not only can workplace violence cause physical injuries, but it can leave the victim with emotional trauma that makes it difficult for them to return to their place of employment.

If you or someone you care about has been injured due to workplace violence, or has experienced any other type of work-related injury, it is important to speak with a qualified Chicago workers’ compensation lawyer before agreeing to any type of settlement. Workplace injuries can be catastrophic, causing both physical and emotional injury. It is important to work with the right attorney who can protect your rights and help you achieve the settlement you are entitled to.

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