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4 Things Many Dog Owners Do That Make Their Pets Dangerous

Published on February 24th, 2013

A pet owner whose dog causes injury to another person may be held legally responsible for any medical bills and expenses that the dog bites cause. While some dogs are naturally more aggressive than others, dog bites are often the result of poor ownership. Here are four things that owners often do that make their pets dangerous to others:

Things Owners Do That Make Their Pets Dangerous

Chaining the Dog in the Yard

It may seem convenient to chain up your dog in the backyard while you are at work. However, a common cause of canine aggression is anxiety because the pet is left alone for too long. If you keep your dog chained up in the yard for days at a time, its pent-up energy may manifest as aggression.

Failing to Socialize the Dog

Allowing your dog to spend time with other dogs and people is essential for preventing aggressive behaviors. Failing to socialize your pet will mean that the animal will face anxiety whenever it is presented with new stimuli. Socializing your dog will help it feel comfortable in a variety of environments.

Encouraging Aggression

Teaching a dog to protect your home is a noble endeavor. However, this must be done properly to ensure that your dog does not become aggressive whenever it sees a stranger. Consult a dog-training expert to make sure that your pet is properly taught defense tactics.

Providing Inadequate Training

Discipline is an essential part of dog ownership. Without it, your dog will not know how to correctly respond to various situations. If you consistently ignore a dog or shy away from teaching it correct behaviors, it is more likely to react badly in situations involving strangers.

Even dog owners with the best intentions can have an aggressive dog. If you suffered injuries as a result of a dog bite, contact the skilled team at the Shea Law Group by calling (773) 365-0040. Our attorneys can help assess your claim and ensure that you obtain the compensation you deserve.

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