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4 Things People Do that Provoke Dog Bites

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Though there are millions of friendly dogs in the U.S., a considerable number may not be as approachable. For some people—especially children—the urge to pet or play with a strange dog is irresistible; however, this urge sends thousands of people to the emergency room every year. Here are four things that people do to provoke dog bites:

1. Trespass

Though “beware of dog” signs are often meant as a joke, many are entirely serious. Dogs are very territorial creatures, and if you encroach on their turf, there could be dire consequences. To avoid a nasty dog bite, it’s best that you stay off of other people’s private property—especially if there’s a “beware of dog” sign.

2. Approach Too Suddenly

Whenever children see dogs, they often have trouble containing their excitement, and insist on petting the dog right away. However, approaching a dog quickly and suddenly can intimidate it, causing it to use its natural defenses. To stay safe, you should teach your child to approach a dog slowly.  

3. Pet a Dog at the Wrong Time

Many people forget to respect a dog’s boundaries. Though a dog may be happy and playful most of the time, it may not be in the mood to play during meal time or nap time. Also, a female dog will not react well if you bother her while she’s with her puppies.

4. Run Away

When people see a scary dog, their first instinct is generally to run away. However, a dog will naturally chase anything running away from it. To avoid getting tackled to the ground and bitten, simply stand still with your hands at your sides.

If you’re ever bitten by a dog in an unprovoked attack, contact the offices of Shea Law Group. Every dog owner is responsible for his dog’s behavior—that’s why you should always hold a negligent owner accountable. For more information, call us at (773) 365-0040.



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