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4 Things You Should Teach your Children about Encountering Strange Dogs

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Studies show that approximately one thousand individuals require emergency treatment for dog bite injuries each day in the United States. A dog bite lawyer can help provide legal representation when you or a loved one suffers a dog bite injury, but it is still important to teach your children certain lessons to help prepare them for encounters with strange dogs:

1.Never Approach a Strange Dog Without Parental Supervision

One of the first things you’ll want to teach your child is to never approach a strange dog without parental supervision. It is also important that your child ask permission of the owner before approaching or petting the animal.

2.Watch the Dog’s Reaction Before Approaching

Be sure your child knows to watch the dog’s reaction before approaching it. After the owner has given permission, your child should show the dog the back of his or her hand with the fingers curled under. Carefully monitor the dog’s reaction, as this will help determine whether the dog does not want to be petted.

3.Do Not Put Your Face Anywhere Near the Dog’s Mouth

Even the sweetest of dogs may bite under certain circumstances. For this reason, teach your child never to put his or her face anywhere near a strange dog’s head or mouth.

4.Be Gentle

It’s important for your child is to be gentle any time he or she has been given permission to pet a dog. Vigorous petting may frustrate the dog and provoke it to bite, so make sure that children use gentle strokes that move from the back of the head toward the tail.

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