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A Look at Dog Bites by Breed

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Though all dogs can be provoked to bite humans or other dogs, some breeds are far more likely to do so than others. To find out more about which breeds most often act aggressively, read on.

Aggression towards Humans

Small dogs like Dachshunds, Jack Russell Terriers, and Chihuahuas are the most likely to bite humans. These dogs were bred to be ferocious hunters, and their instincts now lead them to act out in ways that can cause injury. Scientists also speculate that, because of their small size, these dogs feel more threatened by humans and other dogs, leading them to act aggressively. Though these dogs bite more often than those of other breeds, their bites generally cause less severe injuries because of their small size.

Aggression toward Other Dogs

Pit Bulls, German Shepherds, Akitas, and Great Danes do not bite humans often, but they commonly act aggressively toward other dogs. About one-fifth of dogs of these breeds have attacked other dogs, though only about 5% have attacked humans. When humans are bitten by these large, powerful dogs, the injuries are much more likely to be severe, perhaps even to the extent of requiring hospitalization.

Least Aggressive Breeds

Studies have also discovered the least aggressive dog breeds include Greyhounds, Basset Hounds, Golden Retrievers, and Labrador Retrievers. These dogs also tend to be less territorial and protective, making them great family pets but below-average watch dogs. Less aggressive dogs are usually larger than more aggressive breeds, suggesting that perhaps they do not feel as threatened by people or other dogs because of their size.

Despite this research, one fact remains clear: Any dog has the capacity to bite a person and cause injury. If you’ve been the victim of a dog attack, call the dog bite attorneys at Shea Law Group at (773) 365-0040 to schedule a consultation to discuss your legal options.

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