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An Overview of Personal Injury Law in Illinois

Published on January 26th, 2011

An injury sustained, whether it’s at work, in a car accident, or anywhere in between, can mean serious consequences and may require a personal injury lawyer. Not only is a personal injury costly, it can also result in disability, preventing you from going to work and causing financial stress.

If you live in Illinois, you may want to brush up on personal injury laws, so if the occasion arises, you can be prepared.  Before you contact a personal injury lawyer, take a look at some of the processes that accompany Illinois’ personal injury laws:

  • Identifying Who Is At Fault

In order to accumulate money from a personal injury, your party must properly identify the other party at fault.  Presuming that you did not display carelessness during the accident, you must have suffered damages from your injury.  In addition, the party which has injured you must have breached some sort of responsibility to keep you safe.

  • Worker’s Compensation

If you have been injured during your work, your employer must have worker’s compensation insurance available. This can help your case with regard to disability benefits and medical care.  Be sure to ask your personal injury lawyer about the additional coverage which you could receive.

  • Time Limit

Otherwise known as a statute of limitations, you have two years to hire a personal injury lawyer file a claim after you have sustained an injury in the state of Illinois.  However, if you have not discovered that you sustained an injury within those two years, you may file a lawsuit within four years of the responsible incident.  Additionally, if an injury claim is less than $10,000, it will be dealt with in Illinois Small-Claims Court.

If you have recently sustained an injury, and believe that an auto accident lawyer, dog bite lawyer, or general personal injury lawyer can help, please feel free to contact Shea Law Group.  Our five attorneys, located in Chicago, will fight hard for your rightful benefits. Contact us today.


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