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Dangerous Intersections in Chicago

Published on July 5th, 2013

It’s no surprise that higher levels of traffic increase the risk of traffic accidents. Chicago is home to a number of dangerous intersections, many of which have caused more car accidents than any other intersections within the neighboring counties. Make sure you are promoting your personal safety by reading over this article about Chicago’s most dangerous intersections.

Stony Island Intersection

The Stony Island intersection where Stony Island Avenue meets 79th St. and South Chicago Avenue is perhaps the most dangerous intersection in all of Chicago. According to an article in the Chicago Sun Times, there were 63 recorded crashes in this intersection in 2010 alone—marking more crashes than any other intersection within a six-county region. This intersection is extremely accident-prone for a number of reasons, including the fact that it is crossed by more than 70,000 vehicles per day, and the 11 second time frame needed to cross Stony Island before the light turns red.

Expressway Ramps

The Illinois Police Department states that they have become accustomed to seeing accidents on the expressway ramps from westbound I-80 to La Grange Road and southbound I-55 to Bolingbrook Drive. These intersections cause numerous accidents because they feature two turning lanes with a sign stating “no turn on red except right lane.” Most drivers in the right lane panic and stop to look south when making the northbound turn, leading to an inevitable rear-end accident.

The Active Transportation Alliance states that the best thing motorists can do to avoid an accident is to obey traffic signs, signals, and the speed limit. However, being aware of other drivers and adhering to the rules of the road is not always enough to prevent an accident within these dangerous intersections. Let the auto accident lawyers with the Shea Law Group help protect your rights after a car accident or other personal injury. To get started today, call our Chicago law firm at (888) 529-4185.

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