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Reduce Your Business’s Risk of Premises Liability

Published on October 24th, 2016

The law expects us as citizens to act in a way that does not endanger others. Business owners are not exempt from this expectation, and are, in fact, held to a higher standard. As the owner of a business, you are responsible for the general safety of your patrons. You are required to maintain reasonably safe conditions for those on the premises. If a customer should be injured on the premises of a business you own, you may be liable for their injuries in certain cases. To avoid being exposed to a premises liability law suit, follow our tips below:

Ask A Professional

You likely have insurance for your business, which means you have an insurance agent who represents your interests. Ask them what they think! They are professionals at minimizing risk, so they will know better than almost anyone how to best defend yourself against a premises liability claim. Ask them to stop by and take a look around, identify any potential hazards, and give their advice on how to make your business as safe for patrons as possible.

Floor Conditions

One of the most common premises liability claims have to do with slip-and-falls. Making sure that your floors are in good condition and that a caution sign is out when the floor is wet are imperative to avoiding a premises liability claim. Also look at the condition of the floor. Are there floor boards loose or tiles that are broken or missing? Are there nails sticking out or harsh ridges of any kind? These are lawsuits waiting to happen, so get them fixed!


How is your merchandise displayed? Are your boxes stacked high, are items placed securely on shelves? Always have a sign requiring customers to ask for assistance with items that are sitting on high shelves. Are displays protruding into walkways? Is there anything on the floor? Anything that may fall onto someone or that someone could possibly trip on poses a risk.

Sweep Through

Do a periodic walk-through of the store or business to make sure that everything is tidy, kempt, and in order. If you cannot do it yourself, make it the responsibility of a manager or employees. Anything that could possibly pose a risk should be taken care of promptly.

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