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When to Give a Dog Space

Published on November 17th, 2012

Even domesticated canines can bite under pressure, especially when they feel cornered or overwhelmed. This video features a trainer who explains that there are specific times when a dog should be given space.

It is best not to interact with a dog during its meals, as it can easily become agitated and lash out by biting unsuspecting family members. Furthermore, the trainer in the video recommends not bothering the dog when it is resting in its dog bed or playing with a bone or chew toy. Watch this clip to find out more.

The dog bite attorneys at Shea Law Group can help you determine if your dog bite injuries can sustain a personal injury claim against the at-fault dog owner. We can help fight for compensation for your medical care and intangible suffering. Contact our Chicago office at (773) 365-0040 for a free case evaluation.

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