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Choosing a Chicago Truck Accident Lawyer

Trucks in Chicago

Truck drivers and trucking companies doing business in Illinois are subject to both federal and state regulations. These regulations vary depending on whether or not the trucks are involved in interstate traffic. However, there are some rules that apply to all truck drivers and the companies they work for. These rules are meant to protect not only the drivers themselves, but everyone who shares the roads with them.


For instance, there are very strict rules regarding how many hours a driver may drive without time off. If a driver is logging excessive miles with inadequate sleep, he or she will not react as quickly as a well-rested driver in an emergency situation—and may even doze off behind the wheel. This can spell disaster for other vehicles nearby, especially on the crowded roadways in and around a large metropolitan area like Chicago.


Proper training and experience reduce the risk of truck drivers being involved in serious accidents. Professional driving courses include many hours of behind-the-wheel instruction and also teach drivers how to inspect safety equipment at regular intervals. Due to the enormity of commercial trucks, this extensive training is especially important for the safety of all motorists who share the roadways of Chicago with semi-trucks.


Why Accidents Happen in Chicago


Truck accidents occur in Chicago for many reasons. Poor weather conditions and road hazards may be unavoidable; however, driver error is very often the cause of any serious accident involving a commercial truck.


Because there is a great deal of competition in the over-the-road trucking industry, many trucking companies try to cut corners to save money. Sometimes that means allowing their drivers to work without the recommended hours of training or letting them drive longer on less rest than is required. Additionally, replacing worn parts may be postponed in order to increase profits—leading to dangerous equipment failure and often catastrophic accidents.


Choosing a Chicago Truck Accident Lawyer


If you or someone you love has been injured or killed in an accident involving a truck, you and your family may be entitled to compensation. Although you may not realize it immediately, extensive medical bills, rehabilitation expenses, and loss of wages can ruin you financially. Therefore, it can be extremely important to choose a highly-qualified Chicago truck accident lawyer before agreeing to any type of settlement.


The individual operator as well as the trucking company may be liable, depending on whether or not they are in full compliance with Illinois trucking regulations. Every case is different, and there are many issues specific to these types of accidents that should be investigated. The best way to ensure your interests are protected is to select an attorney who specializes in helping victims of truck accidents.


At Shea Law Group, we have been handling truck accident cases in Chicago for a very long time, and our experienced attorneys know what it takes to attain the compensation you are entitled to.


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