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Employment Discrimination and Malpractice

Employment Discrimination

For the most part, employers have the right to hire whom they please and they do not usually have to justify the decisions they make in the workplace. However, employers are crossing the line when they subject any worker to adverse action based on their race, gender, age, a disability, or other legally protected characteristic.

No one needs to accept discrimination in hiring practices or endure discrimination in the workplace. Employers who discriminate are breaking the law, and if you or someone you care about has been affected by this type of behavior, it is time to speak with a qualified employment lawyer.

Legal Malpractice in Regard to Employment Discrimination

Most legal firms work diligently to help their clients. However, there are occasions where a legal malpractice suit is not only justified, but necessary to prevent others from being taken advantage of. As attorneys ourselves, we do not like to admit that not every lawyer is as knowledgeable or careful as they should be. Nevertheless, it is imperative to ensure those in our profession are held to the highest standards, and we will accept legal malpractice cases when an attorney has made an obvious and blatant error involving their client.

We take particular interest in cases that involve the mishandling of personal injury, civil rights and employment rights cases-as these are practice areas in which we have extensive knowledge and experience. When it comes to preparing a successful case, including one involving employment discrimination, a legal misstep can cause the injured party to lose their chance at compensation.

Shea Law Group

At Shea Law Group, we understand how difficult it can be to initiate any type of legal action. The situation becomes even more stressful if you have had a bad experience with a legal professional who has let you down. If you have suffered employment discrimination, and you reached out to an employment attorney who mishandled your case, we may be able to help.

Employment discrimination is a serious issue, and one that needs to be addressed by an experienced legal team. When the lawyer you choose fails in his or her duty to represent your interests, you may be entitled to recoup damages. Legal malpractice, whether it is related to an employment discrimination case or another legal matter, can cost you the settlement you deserve.

If you feel you or someone you care about has been unfairly discriminated against by an employer or potential employer, reach out to us for the best legal representation available. Furthermore, if you feel another legal firm has not provided proper representation in this or another matter, give us a call at 1-877-365-0040 to discuss your options.