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Cold Weather and Car Accidents in Chicago Can Be Extremely Dangerous!

Published on December 7th, 2011

Along with the drop in temperature, ice and snow, comes car accidents. These accidents can result in traumatic brain injuries, chronic back problems, spinal cord injuries and even death.

According to the Chicago Suntimes,

In December, a 25-year-old woman died in a car accident after the motorist crashed into a tree. The driver was placed in ‘critical condition.’

Whether you were along for the ride, or you were struck by someone else, Shea Law Group can help you after your car accident. Our Chicago car accident lawyers can prove that you were the victim of a negligent driver by evaluating your case– taking into consideration the specific facts of your case and the law as it applies to you. In addition, if you need medical treatment as a result of your car accident, we can assist you in finding a doctor to treat you and, in most cases, arrange to have your medical providers hold your bills until after your matter is resolved. Call us today at (773) 365-0040 for help after you have been involved in a car accident. 


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