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Des Plaines Car Accident Lawyer

Shea Law Group is well aware that if a person has been the victim of a personal injury as the result of a serious automobile accident, it can be one of the most harmful and damaging experiences they will ever suffer. Whether a person requires the assistance of a Chicago car accident lawyer, a medical malpractice attorney, a wrongful death lawyer or motorcycle accident attorney, Shea Law Group has the know-how to handle their case from start to finish. We are identified as one of the preeminent law firms serving the Greater Chicago Metropolitan Area in supporting clients with personal injury cases. We thoroughly understand all the devastating effects a severe injury has on a person’s life, from being able to hold down a job, to paying for medical expenses and being responsible for all their family’s needs. With more than 60 years of combined experience, our car accident injury lawyers are able to provide clients the kind of compassion they deserve. As a result, many Des Plaines residents prefer the auto accident injury attorneys at Shea Law Group over the competition.


We Know the Emotional & Financial Strain


Shea Law Group knows the emotional and financial strain that an injury has on a family inDes Plaines, Illinois. This is why Des Plaines families select us when they need a competent and highly-skilled car accident injury lawyer. We are able to analyze the details of our Des Plaines clients’ cases, consider the evidence surrounding their accidents and use the law as it applies to their individual cases. Our firm is entirely committed to enhancing clients’ quality of life and supporting their rights. Des Plaines clients believe that our auto accident injury attorneys will be able to steer them through the court procedures in order to achieve the most favorable settlements. Des Plaines accident victims realize that the car accident injury lawyers at Shea Law Group have the ability and knowledge to represent them from pre-suit to settlement and/or trial.


Long-Lasting Effects From Injuries

Our firm understands there can be many long-lasting effects from injuries sustained in an auto accident that persist in destructively affecting the lives of families in the days and weeks to come. Some injuries can involve traumatic brain injuries, chronic back problems, spinal cord injuries or even death. Des Plaines clients can always rely upon the car accident injury lawyers at Shea Law Group to help them through this challenging period. They know that the Chicago car accident lawyers at Shea Law Group are anxious to do whatever possible to ensure that their clients receive fair compensation for their damages. Consequently, we are well-known for helping clients through the legal process as smoothly and quickly as possible. To learn more about how Shea Law Group can assist you in your claim, call us today for your FREE consultation at 1-877-365-0040.