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Dog Park Etiquette

Published on November 6th, 2014

Dog parks can be a fun getaway for dogs of all sizes to socialize and run off some energy, but they can also be a place where dogs may engage in violent behaviors towards other dogs or humans. To avoid injury to your pets and others, we’ve compiled a list of things to remember for the best dog park experience with safety and fun for all in mind.

Pick up after your dog: Keeping the dog park area clean and sanitary is respectful and beneficial to all visitors.

Walk your dog prior to entering the park: A bit of exercise and daily activity is necessary before getting to the dog park so that your pet is not overly excited or intimidating to less energetic dogs.

No bullying: If your dog attempts to play with a dog who is uncomfortable and not interested in joining in, call your dog back you and leave that dog alone. Recall skills and pet training can be useful in this situation so that playful nips do not turn into aggressive behavior between two dogs.

Consider age and size: Be sure to only bring young pets to the dog park if they have complete vaccinations. Puppies less than 12 weeks will not be immunized against diseases that you may find at dog parks. Also, consider the size of your dog in comparison to others. If your pet is young or is a small breed, opt for a dog park that has a separate small dog area if your pet is being bullied or trampled.

Remove pronged collars, leashes, and harnesses: Dogs will often nibble on the necks of other dogs during play. Biting down on a choke chain or other harmful collar could cause broken teeth or a broken jaw. Leashes can also become tangled in a dogs legs and cause them to panic.

Get out and play! We hope that you find this list helpful for making the most out of your trips to the dog parks.

We encourage safety and etiquette at dog parks since we have seen first hand the reality of dog bite injuries, and are here to advocate for you if needed. At Shea Law Group, we will fight for your rights if you have been bitten or attacked by a vicious dog. We will determine if you have a case or not and guide you towards your next steps. Please do not hesitate to call our offices for a free consultation at 1-877-365-0040.

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