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Harsh Weather Conditions Create Accidents – Shea Law Group

Published on December 17th, 2010

Bad weather can lead to accidents. Illinois motor vehicle accidents affect all segments of our society and can result in terrible injuries like traumatic brain injuries, chronic back problems, spinal cord injuries, even death. Here are a few common ways that weather can affect your driving:

  • Diminished Visibility

– “Rain storms and snowstorms can make it hard for drivers to see.”

  • Diminished Traction

– “Water, Snow or Ice can create rough road conditions and create a collision.”

  • Strong Wind

– “Strong winds can make it difficult for drivers to stay in their lane.”

  • Conduct of Other Drivers

– The Excessively Timid Driver – “overestimates the conditions of the weather and will drive at an unreasonably low speed.”

– The Reckless Maniac – “ignores the consequences of the weather conditions and can often cause wreck”

  • Changes of Season

– “Some drivers take longer to adjust to seasonal changes.”


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