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Most Common Problems Caused by Neglect in Elder Care

Published on February 1st, 2012

There may come a time when your parents are unable to adequately take care of themselves. When that happens, you may have a lot going on in your life and will therefore have no choice but to send your parents to a nursing home. However, it’s important that you take your loved ones to a place that will adequately look after them. Here are a few of the most common problems caused by nursing home neglect:

  • Poor Hygiene

If the nursing home staff isn’t regularly taking care of your parent, it will quickly become apparent by his or her lack of hygiene. Many elderly people are too frail to wash themselves, and therefore require the help of a staff member. If no one is around to help, your parents will likely go unwashed.

  • Unsafe Living Conditions

Just as it’s the nursing staff’s job to keep your parents clean, it’s also their job to make sure that the living space is free of dirt, insects, and trash. If your parent’s room is particularly messy, he or she could end up tripping and breaking a bone. Also, the dirt and grime could be a breeding ground for harmful bacteria that might infect your loved one with an ailment that’s difficult to recover from.

  • Health Complications

In addition to the health hazards posed by a filthy living space, neglected residents may also suffer from their pre-existing medical conditions. If they don’t obtain the correct dosage of medicine or fail to receive the proper medical attention, your elderly parents will likely suffer severe health complications, leading to serious illness or even death.

If you suspect that a loved one is being neglected, contact the office of Shea Law Group. You pay good money to make sure that your parent is being properly cared for—that’s why we’ll work hard to bring any negligent staff members to justice. Call us today at (773) 365-0040.




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