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Rules For Safe Cycling

Published on August 9th, 2015

Cyclists are extremely vulnerable to motorized traffic and variable road conditions. It’s important that all cyclists operate defensively and safely at all times. Avoid traffic accidents while cycling with safety measures including a pre-ride check, eliminating distractions, following the rules of the road, signaling, and practicing planned maneuvers and lane positioning.

Be a Predictable Rider

Share the road with other cyclists and motor vehicles alike. Try and maintain position in your lane and maintain your speed. Doing so will help deal with cars who may not see you. Never weave in an out of traffic, rather avoid these aggressive maneuvers and follow your bike lane.

• Use hand signals: Let other drivers, cyclists, and pedestrians know where you are headed.

• Caution At Intersections: The most crashes occur at intersections. Make eye contact with drivers and avoid cycling in a car’s blind spot.

Be a Visible Rider

Don’t be an invisible cyclist. Reflectors, bright clothing, front and rear lights are helpful tools for cyclist visibility. A bike bell or bike horn will also aid in letting people know that you are approaching.

Be a Courteous Rider

Scan the road and the sides of the roads for pedestrians. A biker must always yield to pedestrians. Do not block cross walks.

Tools For Cyclists

Do you use a helmet? What about a mirror that can help when you are changing lanes? Pant clips are helpful for keeping your clothing clean and away from the bike chain. Be sure that your shoelaces or loose clothing has been adjusted before you ride.


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