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Types of Personal Injury – Neck Injuries

Complicated Diagnosis


A neck injury (cervical spine injury) can range from mild to severe. These are often complicated injuries due to the fact that damage to any anatomical part of the neck usually means damage to others. This is because all the nerves, vertebrae, and soft tissue in your neck are closely interconnected and work together to support and move your head. For example, when a patient suffers whiplash, he or she may receive one or several diagnoses, including muscle strain, ligament damage, and/or disc injury.


Cervical injuries are caused by all sorts of accidents, from automobile accidents to falls, and may result in permanent impairment. The good news is, most neck injuries involve soft tissue injury only, affecting muscles, ligaments, tendons, and and/or fascia. However, every type of cervical spine injury, including injuries that involve the discs and vertebrae, will also present with muscle pain, at least to some extent.


Serious Impairment


When a neck injury involves the vertebrate or discs, nerve and spinal cord involvement is possible. Serious neck injuries include whiplash associated disorders (WAD), herniated discs, neck fractures, and cervical dislocation. When any of these injuries cause damage to the spinal cord, the results can be catastrophic. If the spinal cord becomes damaged at the third cervical vertebra or higher, the patient may require a respirator to survive.


Other serious symptoms may be caused by neck injuries that affect the spinal cord. These include permanent loss of movement (paralysis), recurring migraines, tingling and numbness in one or both arms, and other life-altering issues.


Legal Assistance


If you or someone you care about has suffered a neck injury, it is a good idea to consult with a qualified Chicago personal injury lawyer sooner rather than later. Neck injuries are some of the most difficult types of injuries to assess, due to the fact that symptoms may not appear for days or weeks after the initial incident. Complete medical evaluation is essential to ruling out serious injury, and even then, it may be difficult to provide a definitive diagnosis.


At Shea Law Group, we know how difficult it can be to think about anything other than getting back to your life after an accident. Nevertheless, it is vital to seek legal counsel prior to agreeing to any type of settlement—especially in the case of a neck injury. Whether your injury was caused by an accident, fall, or the stress of repetitive movements, you may find yourself suffering long-term effects that require physical therapy, prescription drugs, and even surgery.


Don’t put your financial future at risk; reach out to an experienced Chicago personal injury lawyer from Shea Law Group today. You have nothing to lose, because we never charge a dime unless we win compensation for you.