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Why Dogs Bite

Published on October 19th, 2012

Although dogs can be loving companions to humans, they are still animals that tend to act upon instinct when upset. Biting is a natural way for dogs to defend themselves against each other, but can seriously injure a human. By better understanding the reasons why dogs bite, you can protect yourself and your family against personal injury.

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  • Dominance

Because dogs are pack animals with a social hierarchy, if an owner does not enforce his or her position as master through proper training, a dog may feel that it is in charge and act aggressively in everyday situations. This trait is more common among unneutered males.

  • Fear

Animals that have been abused or improperly socialized may bite out of fear when they feel they are being threatened. A fearful dog can interpret sudden gestures as intending harm and, if unable or disinclined to run away, may lash out by biting.

  • Territorialism

Dogs can be very protective of their property, which may include their homes, the outdoor areas where they are accustomed to walking, their toys, and even certain family members. Without the proper training, a dog may feel that it is acceptable to bite a person in order to defend its territory.

  • Taunting

Even a normally mild-mannered dog may be pushed past its limits when teased or bothered. For this reason, it is important to teach children how to approach and pet dogs, and to avoid coming close to injured animals.

  • Redirected Aggression

When a dog cannot retaliate against a person, animal, or situation that is upsetting it, it may lash out at those nearby. Bites may also occur when a human attempts to break up a dog fight by grabbing at the agitated animals.

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