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Why Getting a Second Opinion on X-rays and Ultrasounds is Important

When to Get a Second Opinion

If you find yourself facing a new medical diagnosis, especially one that is life-altering or possibly life-threatening, you may feel a bit overwhelmed. Navigating the medical system can be difficult and making decisions can be even harder. You may be unsure if you have been diagnosed correctly, or you might not be sure if you are making the right treatment choices. The best way to alleviate many of these doubts is to seek a second opinion.

X-Rays and Ultrasounds

Medical tests, including X-rays and ultrasounds, are used to help make a diagnosis and form a treatment plan. If the medical professionals who read these scans fail to read them accurately, you may become injured due to lack of treatment or find yourself experiencing the side-effects of unnecessary treatment.

Human error is inevitable, and because radiology involves making decisions based on conditions of uncertainty, it does not always produce infallible results. The radiologic interpretation is not a black and white process. The “answer” is not always clear. The final report issued by a radiologist is influenced by many variables. This is why seeking a second opinion is a wise idea.

Mistakes and Malpractice

Often patients are hesitant to seek a second opinion thinking that it might offend their doctor. This is actually convoluted logic when you think about how you might be avoiding a serious mistake before it occurs. If you are injured due to a misdiagnosis, there is a chance you will end up having a valid medical malpractice claim.

One of the simplest and best ways to avoid mistakes linked to incorrect diagnoses is to attain a second opinion. This will also serve to alleviate your doubts, reassure you are doing the right thing, and help you become a more informed patient.

When to Contact a Chicago Medical Malpractice Attorney

If you or a member of your family has sustained an injury due to the negligence of any medical professional, including your radiologist your best course of action is to contact a reputable and experienced Chicago medical malpractice attorney. Our compassionate legal team at Shea Law Group has worked with countless families facing this type of trauma, and we understand how difficult it can be.

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