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Staying Safe as a Pedestrian

Published on May 28th, 2019

While there is a lot of traffic and chaos in the Chicago area, there are many pedestrians who navigate the streets as well. At one point or another throughout the day, everyone is a pedestrian. Whether you are making your way to or from your car, walking to work, biking to work, etc., pedestrians are all around us at any given moment. Our Cicero injury lawyer is here to help provide you with important safety tips to make sure that you are safe!

Be Predictable

One of the most important aspects of being a pedestrian is predictability. Car drivers are under the assumption that you will follow the expected rules that accompany being a pedestrian, which is exactly what you should do. Always cross the street at a crosswalk and make sure to only walk when you are given the signal.

Stay Visible

During the day, wearing bright colors is an easy way to ensure cars can always see you while you are crossing the street. However, pedestrians encounter a different set of dangers when it is dark out, visibility being the main concern. Incorporate reflective materials into your outfit when it is dark out to ensure other vehicles and pedestrians can see you.

Don’t Assume

Assuming that a driver can see you is one of the easiest ways to become injured. To avoid this, try to make eye contact with the driver as they approach so they know that you are there. At the very least, it will help them to become more cautious while they are passing you.

If you have been injured in a pedestrian-related accident, contact our Cicero injury lawyer to see if you have a case! Our team at Shea Law Group is here to help.

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